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1. Choose 6 OCs to use and put them in any random order.

2. Do not change any of the questions.

3. Please do not look at the questions ahead.

4. Tag some peeps.

OCs being used:

1. Tag the Weasel

2. Chime the Jay

3. Mallow the Rabbit

4. Crystal the Otter

5. Aleen the Hedgehog

6. Marvel the Otter

Now for them questions.


Q1. (3) is talking to himself/herself about what they think of (4). What do they say?
Mallow: Crystal's so cool! I wanna be like her! :iconrainbowsparkleplz:

Q2. (5) and (2) are arguing over who's better. (5) punches (2). What does (2) do?
Chime: Why would you punch me! I'm you're friend!
Aleen: I am sorry, it's a bad habit.

Q3. (1) stares at (6), who is watching TV. (6) notices this after 2 hours. How would (6) react?
Marvel: What? Why are you staring at me?
Tag: How'd you get that footage of Crystal...? YOU PERVERT!!!!!

Q4. (4) vomits all over (2). How does (2) react?
Chime: JEEZ!!!! WHY ME!?
Crystal: Bleh....

Q5. (2) throws a fork at (3). Does (3) get hit?
Nope, Chime's aim is really bad so he misses anyways.
Mallow: Why would you do that?

Q6. (1) and (4) go to (5)'s party. (5) gives beer to (1) and (4). What happens?
Tag: Hey Crystal~~~~~
Crystal: *hic* what?
Tag: *grabs her and kisses her*

Q7. (6) is having a problem with (3). He/she asks (5) for help. Does (5) help?
Marvel: This stupid bunny keeps bothering me help me!
Aleen: No, she's harmless what could she possibly be doing
Mallow: *runs in and pets Marvel* Mister! You're fur is so soft!!!

Q8. (2) and (3) play a prank on (6). What does (6) do?
Marvel: Why does everyone hate me. :iconcryingplz:

Q9. (4) is in bed, cuddling (5). (1) walks in and sees this. What does (1) think?
Crystal: NO!

Q10. (3) suddenly walks up to (6) and kisses him/her. (4) happened to have been there and took a picture. How does (6) react?
Crystal: Heh, blackmailing time.

Q11. (5) proposes to (4). (2) comes up and also proposes to (4). What does (4) do?
Crystal: These pranks are funny guys, haha stop it.

Q12. (3) is turned into a gender-swap version of himself/herself for a day. (1) falls for (3) but doesn't seem to know it really is (3). What would (3) do?
Mallow(His name would be Marshal): Stop! no! You love someone else! And so do I! So leave me alone!
Tag: Rejected twice :iconsadplz:

Q13. (4) and (2) dance together only for (6) to interrupt. What happens?
Chime: Oh so now I see, this is how you slow dance. Thank you, Crystal.
Crystal: No problem dude! Anything to help!
*Marvel bursts in*
Marvel: CRYSTAL HOW DARE YOU!! After all we've been through
Crystal: I never even liked you in the first place. Leave me alone.

Q14. (1) murders (6) and (2) sees it. What will (2) do?
Chime: *helps him hide the body*

Q15. This meme is done. What will all the numbers do now?
They will all have hot coco and sit by the fire and relax.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Country Road- Whisper of the Heart
  • Reading: Kimi Ni Todoke (still)
  • Watching: Austin and Ally (always)
  • Playing: Waiting for Ruby and Sapphire


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Dieto peekaboo stamp by LilithiumStampsPanty y Stocking-Stamp by JuliTTahDerpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn
Stamp - Panty And Stocking 02 by Kaki-GraphicsStamp - Panty And Stocking by Kaki-GraphicsStamp - Panty And Stocking 03 by Kaki-Graphics
Bacon Pancakes Stamp by Kawaii-OkamiBacon Pancakes Stamp by Kawaii-OkamiBacon Pancakes Stamp by Kawaii-Okami
Good bye Finn by clio-mokonaGood bye Finn by clio-mokonaGood bye Finn by clio-mokona
Brony- stamp by BlizzyKaiMLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiMLP FiM - Stamp by RHCP-Cream
Vinyl Scratch Stamp by KevfinPinkie Pie Stamp by KevfinRainbow Dash Stamp by Kevfin
MLP Princess Luna Stamp by KevfinAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloAdventure Time Stamp -FC- by Trillo-Lillo
Finn x Flame Princess 2nd Kiss stamp by Kawaii-OkamiFeeding hobos stamp by Trillo-LilloStamp Kimi ni todoke by lizethuchiha
Regular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by ZenityKimi Ni Todoke Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoMaru-chan Free stamp by Yunya0w0
Yano free stamp by Yunya0w0Real life... by prosaixStudio Ghibli Stamp 40 by Flusjaa
Kurumi stamp by melo91Chizu Free stamp by Yunya0w0Ryu Chi Stamp by tsuki-chu
Bokura Ga Ita Stamp by lizethuchihaWe were there stamp by magicbut3rflyFutari no Kisetsu ga Stamp by Tainaka
We Were There Stamp by Fyi-SusWe Were There Stamp by Fyi-SusWe Were There Stamp by Fyi-Sus
[Stamp] Gratitude by CreepiestSlow interwebz by prosaixMy favourite sport by prosaix
Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassinGotta get Back in Time by Demachic'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull
Shower Performance by TheSaltyMonsterTalented Artist, No DD Stamp by lightpurgeFavorite Stamp by Pooky-Stamps
The Money Stamp by BusirisThe Early Stamp by BusirisSonSal SonAmy Stamp by Super-Sonic-101
Friendships Don't Work That Way by savagebinn:Criticism - Stamp by JWiesnerI laugh at fandom haters by prosaix
Give a llama, get a llama by Neg0neThe Scanner Killed my Drawing by Dragon-of-MidnightSTAMP - Gay NO disease by Draguendo
Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123I'm Fine by i-am-anonymousStamp against art theft and... by yesi-chan
Too much senior-dArama by prosaixSleepy head by prosaixNo thnx 4 v fave plz by prosaix
I wish... by prosaixCritiques wanted by prosaixHere for art by prosaix

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